The Treasurer
How do we pay for all this?

Since joining the organization in 1999 and serving in many different roles, I was able to better understand the ROSE model and the financial advantages it provides. These advantages can actually be magnified when applied to the Apprentice High School model.

1. Block scheduling of three shifts, four days a week for students provides maximum flexibility. The fifth day allows students to catch up or work ahead.

2. The innovative and experienced curriculum development team not only delivers economies of scale, but also allows for the maximum credit potential for students of apprentice "book learning" as well as actual "on the job" experience.

3. A facility of 15,000 square feet is designed for 450 students (150 students per shift maximum), an extremely small footprint versus any traditional school.

4. The alternative schedules for teachers to work day or evening shifts and a shorter day on Fridays as well as designated daily professional development times are very appealing to current and prospective teachers.

5. Block scheduling maximizes revenues verses the competition, and centralized services, such as IT, allow for economies of scale as the school size or number of schools grow.

Cathleen Capen

CFO of ROSE Management Group
B.S. in Business Administration,
M.S. in Accounting